About This Program

Around one in ten Americans suffer from diabetes. With diabetes comes other complications, including skin issues, blindness, hypertension, and much more.


Our Diabetes Management Program helps seniors take control of their diabetes, educating them and their family on how to monitor and manage their symptoms. We work closely with our patient’s primary physician to coordinate our care plan and keep our patient happy and healthy at home.


Our services for diabetic patients include:

  • Education on insulin, diabetes care, and adaptive equipment
  • Observation and Occupational therapy focused on maintaining independence while using adaptive equipment
  • Nutrition plans
  • Treatment of skin conditions caused by diabetes
  • Self management training
  • Fall prevention

Not sure if this program is what you need? That’s okay! We have a variety of services and programs that can meet each patient’s specific needs. For more detailed information on our programs and services, please contact us today.